Administrative services

Registration of self-employed individuals.

Registration under the Personal Data Protection Act.

Registration under the VAT Act.

Registration of farmers and freelancers.

Preparation of general and activity reports for the company management.

Monitoring and control of cash flows.

Document preparation for bank loan or lease applications.

Preparation of payment documents for obligations to the NRA, suppliers and others.

Publication of Annual Financial Statements (AFS).

Assistance to employers when participating in programs for hiring unemployed persons or trainees.

Do you want to hire unemployed youths with no acquired work experience to build themselves as professionals, to the standards and policies of your company? Or give a chance to other unemployed people for whom you have or have opened new jobs? We will advise you on the choice of the appropriate program and we will assist with the procurement of the necessary documents for application at the Employment Agency. Monthly we will prepare all the reports required to report on the project activities and the expended and received funds.

When applying for a bank loan.

Do you want to invest in asset purchase, to renovate your business or to pursue your busiest business venture? Often, companies are leaning on resources to help them meet their goals more quickly or to respond to financial difficulties. Banking and credit institutions require accounting documents and reliable information to appreciate you as a trusted borrower. The loan is a serious step in the long run, the solution for it must rest on a clear and accurate idea of ​​the state of your business. What we can do for you at this point is to advise you on getting and repaying a bank loan and how this would affect your company budget. We will prepare all current and prospective financial statements, and if you so wish, we may also be able to take part in your interview with your personal banker.